Match Report
Highfield School 3rd Team vs  Cranleigh Preparatory School
On: Wednesday, 16 Oct 2019
Venue: Away

As we arrived at Cranleigh the grey clouds were clearing away leaving us with a lovely sunny autumnal afternoon for our game.

As has often been the case we found ourselves up against a more solid set of players and, for the first 10 minutes, we allowed this difference to affect the nature of the game; giving way to the Cranleigh boys rather than battling for the 50:50 balls.

However, once we decided to get stuck in the contest became much more even. Both teams looked to pass the ball and slice through the other team’s defensive line and there were opportunities at either end. At half time the score stood at 1-0 in Cranleigh’s favour but we had been just in the ascendancy so my half time talk was a positive one.

Throughout the second half we continued to try to play attractive football and, as a result, did create scoring opportunities. Unfortunately, whilst we were unable to turn chances into goals the Cranleigh boys enjoyed greater success and pulled away to a 3-0 lead.

We kept striving right up to the final whistle, immediately after the third goal, and I was very pleased with all that the team had tried to do.

A special mention goes out to Arthur Montagu who stepped up a team to keep goal for the 3rds this afternoon. He made a number of great saves and faced up to a lot of pressure from the Cranleigh boys; well done!

Mr H